WHO do we help?

    1. Patients
    2. Surgery Centers
    3. Surgeons
    4. Physical Therapists
    5. Home Health (Long term care)
    6. Hospital Systems
    7. Supply Chain/Inventory

HOW do we help

Increase Revenue

  • Be a differentiator using TrackMy – Safer Surgeon
  • Reduce Re-admissions (CJR Program)
  • Decrease operating room time for revisions

Decrease Cost

  • Reduce unnecessary procedures (time savings/cost)
  • Reduce time in surgery (FTE Cost; by proper surgical planning and knowing what patient has)
  • Build trust through improved communication – meet patient expectations

Improve Outcomes

  • Increased client satisfaction
  • Liability reduction
  • Enhance public safety
  • Do the ‘right’ thing
  • Partner with TrackMy Solutions to be your recall strategy

Enhance Workflows

  • Improved Physician documentation and throughput
  • Surgeon to patient flow
  • Reduce operating room time
  • Educate patients

WHY TrackMy?

  • TrackMy Implants is gaining new patients/users daily
  • Our technology is positioned to allow a user to save given medical device data to their user profile and track this against adverse events/recalls
  • Here in, if we find something that is relevant to alert a user/patient on, we fire off a notification to that user – push notification/text/phone call (eventually)